6. Further Help Resources

Get Help

Follow this link to go to the main Dakota help page.

Reporting Dakota GUI Errors

If you would like to report a bug found in the Dakota GUI, please do the following to assist with troubleshooting:

  • If the Error Log view is not open in the Dakota GUI, then go to Window > Show View > Other… then select Error Log from the list of the views.
  • In the Error Log view, there is a table of error history. Find the error that occurred for you, then double-click it.
  • Copy the text in the Exception Stack Trace textbox.
  • Use the dakota-users mailing list (see the Dakota mailing lists page) to contact a Dakota GUI developer.  Be sure to include:
    • Context about what you were doing in the GUI to cause the error.
    • The proper Exception Stack Trace copied from the Error Log view.