Co-Development with Submodules

Updating Submodules

When you are developing one of the submodules used by core/top-level Dakota, e.g., external, pecos, surfpack, packages/local/*, local, the current workflow involves the following:

  • cd into submodule directory, e.g., 'cd packages/pecos'
  • 'git checkout devel' (or other branch as appopriate)
  • make code changes, e.g., several local commits
  • push to the remote devel branch (this ensures the changes are publically available before updating core Dakota to use them)
  • cd up to core Dakota
  • 'git status' should show new commits for the submodule
  • 'git commit -a' (this commits all modification including binding the sha1 of the submodule repos) or
    'git add packages/<submodule>' (without a trailing slash) to add only the submodule SHA1, followed by 'git commit'
  • 'git push' the change to the core Dakota repository