Configure, Compile and Install Dakota


Once required tools and libraries are installed, compiling a Dakota source distribution involves:

  • Running CMake to (1) configure Dakota options as well as external software locations and options, and (2) generate a development environment-specific build tree.
  • Running the development environment's build process to compile and link, e.g., Unix make; running Visual Studio or nmake on Windows.
  • Testing the build
  • Installing the build

This process will typically take from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on hardware and operating system.

Simple Example to Configure, Compile and Install

This simple example shows the Dakota build process on a Unix-like platform where only a few options are necessary:


mkdir build 
cd build 
# configure the build tree 
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/dakota-installation /path/to/dakota-source 
# compile/link, specifying the number of processors 
make -j 4 
# run a minimal set of Dakota tests (these should all pass) 
cd test && ctest -j 4 -L Accept
# Change back up the to the top-level build directory
cd ..
# install to specified directory 
make install 

Specifying Additional CMake Options

Dakota has a number of required and optional and external package dependencies, and has numerous internal subpackages.  Thus, it is often necessary to specify additional CMake options and/or environment variables to configure the build. See links below for instructions and more detailed examples.