Dakota Git Description

The primary upstream Git repository for Dakota core, and its open source third-party libraries, are hosted on a public-facing machine software.sandia.gov. The top-level repository includes submodules for public TPLs external, pecos, and surfpack. It also has submodules for SNL-specific content which provide extension points for other external sites to provide their own site-specific packages.

Attention: The Dakota repositories on software.sandia.gov are retired and server names on this page are outdated. SNL developers should use gitlab-ex.sandia.gov, while external collaborators and anonymous users should use the repos at https://github.com/snl-dakota, whether via SSH or HTTPS. The core repo for instance can be found at git@github.com:snl-dakota/dakota.git or https://github.com/snl-dakota/dakota.git.

Dakota Repository Structure
Local clone path Upstream URL Notes


Public core Dakota repo
dakota/packages/external ../dakota-packages
Public, relative to facilitate HTTPS vs. Git+SSH 
dakota/packages/pecos ../pecos
Public, relative to facilitate HTTPS vs. Git+SSH
dakota/packages/surfpack ../surfpack
Public, relative to facilitate HTTPS vs. Git+SSH
dakota/packages/local/* SNL Gitlab-Ex SNL TPLs (DOT, NLPQL, NPSOL); other sites can place their copies here too
dakota/local SNL CEE Gitlab SNL site-specific content

All respoitories have a "devel" branch into which changes are integrated.  An automated process tests changes made to the devel branches before pushing these to the more stable "master" branches.