Dakota GUI Version 6.11 User Manual

Version 6.11.0

Manual by Elliott Ridgway

The Dakota GUI can assist users with graphically editing Dakota input files, defining arbitrary simulation models, connecting Dakota to those simulation models without the need to write pre-processing or post-processing scripts, and visually plotting output data from Dakota.

This manual is structured as a reference guide. The sections can be read in any order, depending on which topic you’re interested in learning about.

Quick Start

Launching Dakota GUI

First, make sure your system environment is set according to Dakota installation instructions. Then, perform the following steps, depending on your OS:

  • Linux From a command line, type DakotaUI
  • Mac OS X From a command line, type Dakota.app
  • Windows After unzipping, use the Windows File Explorer to navigate to the 'gui' directory of the Dakota installation, then double-click DakotaUI.exe.