Example: Building on RHEL6

The following are instructions for building Dakota on a Unix-like platform in a Bash shell. You may need to use appropriate commands to work for your particular platform or shell.

  1. Install the recommended version of CMake, and ensure it is in your $PATH.
  2. Extract Dakota source archive file. In the example below, Dakota will  be extracted into the user's home directory, /home/username.
    $ cd $HOME
    $ tar xzvf /path/to/dakota-<release>.src.tar.gz

    You will see a new directory, /home/username/dakota-<release>.<platform>. In the instructions below, $DAK_SRC refers to this directory.
    $ export DAK_SRC=$HOME/dakota-<release>.<platform>
  3. Create separate build directory, e.g. $HOME/dakota-build. In the instructions below, $DAK_BUILD refers to the directory that you create for CMake to configure and build Dakota.
    $ mkdir -p /path/to/Dakota/build/directory
    $ export DAK_BUILD=/path/to/Dakota/build/directory
  4. Make a copy of the template BuildDakotaTemplate.cmake to customize a CMake Dakota build for our platform. Keep file in the $DAK_SRC/cmake directory to use for subsequent Dakota CMake builds.
    $ cp $DAK_SRC/cmake/BuildDakotaTemplate.cmake $DAK_SRC/cmake/BuildDakotaCustom.cmake
  5. Update $DAK_SRC/cmake/BuildDakotaCustom.cmake file to reflect your platform configuration. Instructions are provided in this file.
  6. Configure and build Dakota.
    $ cd $DAK_BUILD
    $ cmake -C $DAK_SRC/cmake/BuildDakotaCustom.cmake $DAK_SRC
    $ make [-j#]
    $ make install
  7. Set paths and library paths. In the instructions below, $DAK_INSTALL refers to the Dakota installation path you specified for the variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in your BuildCustom.cmake file.
    $ export PATH=$DAK_INSTALL/bin:$DAK_INSTALL/test:$PATH

    NOTE: For Mac OS X, you need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH instead.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • 'make [-j#]': Dakota supports concurrent build processes
  • 'make install' requires write privileges in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.
  • Executing cmake without any options will result in an attempt to build with as many vendor algorithms and packages as are available in the distribution.  Options below and on the Dakota website describe how to turn off features.
  • Once make has successfully completed, the generated Dakota executables (dakota and dakota_restart_util) will reside in $DAK_BUILD/src.  If 'make install' is invoked, copies of the   executables will be placed in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin and copies of the libraries (libdakota.a, etc.) are placed in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib. You may set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in BuildDakotaCustom.cmake.