GNU Scientific Library (GSL; optional, GPL-licensed)

The GPL-licensed GNU Scientific Library is required when enabling Dakota's QUESO Bayesian calibration feature.  Paths to obtain it:

  1. GSL is available from many operating system package managers.  After installing, if the gsl-config program is not on your PATH, you may need to set the GSL_CONFIG environment variable to point to it (see below).
  2. Alternately, download and compile:
    1. Download, e.g., from
    2. Compile and install. Make necessary environment additions.
      ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local/gsl-1.16
      make -j 4
      make install
      # Add to .bashrc:
      export GSL_CONFIG=$HOME/local/gsl-1.16/bin/gsl-config
      export PATH=$HOME/local/gsl-1.16/bin:$PATH