How should I cite DAKOTA if I use it in my work?

Please cite the Dakota User's Manual (or other appropriate manual) for the version you used (see SAND Reports). For example:

Adams, B.M., Bohnhoff, W.J., Dalbey, K.R., Ebeida, M.S., Eddy, J.P., Eldred, M.S., Geraci, G., Hooper, R.W., Hough, P.D., Hu, K.T., Jakeman, J.D., Khalil, M., Maupin, K.A., Monschke, J.A., Ridgway, E.M., Rushdi, A.A., Stephens, J.A., Swiler, L.P., Vigil, D.M., Wildey, T.M., and Winokur, J.G., "Dakota, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 6.11 User’s Manual," Sandia Technical Report SAND2014-4633, July 2014; updated November 2019.

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