Mail Lists

Dakota has two public mailing lists. The dakota-announce list provides a mechanism for the development team to distribute announcements to the user community. We send email by this mechanism only a few times per year. The dakota-users list provides a public discussion forum for users.

Note: If you submit a general usage question to dakota-users that our development team wants to track to benefit others or the project, the Dakota team may elect to repost the information at a later time to the list, include it in our examples or training, etc. In that case, any personal idenfitying information including name and email address will be removed.

Announce list: subscribe/unsubscribe
Users list: subscribe/unsubscribe

When asking a question on dakota-users, please provide the information indicated in our FAQ. Also, we strongly encourage interaction between users. Please feel welcome to respond to questions or concerns raised by others.

The archives of dakota-users and dakota-announce currently are unavailable due to Sandia policy.