Dakota provides the following manuals:

  • User's Manual — The most comprehensive manual, containing overall information on Dakota, including its purpose and capabilities, a tutorial, interfacing guide, examples, and more.
  • Reference Manual — A detailed input specification guide organized in the same hierarchical format as the Dakota input file
  • Developer's Manual — Dakota design principles, services, best practices for team members, and development resources.
  • Theory Manual — This manual accompanies the Users' Manual and provides more mathematical detail and deeper discussion of Dakota methods.
  • GUI User Manual — A manual for the Dakota GUI, which doubles as a step-by-step tutorial to help users get studies up and running in the GUI.

Note: Major numbered releases M.m are for production use. Stable releases, indicated by a '+' if available, are developmental which should be used with greater caution.

Version 6.13

Version 6.12

Version 6.11

Version 6.10

Version 6.9

Version 6.8

Version 6.7

Version 6.6

Version 6.5

Version 6.4

Version 6.3

Version 6.2

Version 6.1

Version 6.0

Version 5.4