Mike Eldred founded Dakota as a Sandia National Laboratories internal research and development project in 1994. Over sixty people, including Sandians and external collaborators, have contributed to Dakota since.  Dakota is primarily developed by a team at Sandia's Albuquerque, NM and Livermore, CA locations.


Brian Adams (Project Lead)

Bill Bohnhoff (Framework, Infrastructure)

Mike Eldred (Research Lead, Founder)

Gianluca Geraci (UQ)

Russell Hooper (Framework)

Patty Hough (Optimization)

John Jakeman (Surrogates, UQ)

Moe Khalil (Optimization)

Kathryn Maupin (Bayesian Inference)

George Orient (Engineering Science Product Manager)

Elliott Ridgway (Graphical User Interface)

Adam Stephens (Support Analyst)

Laura Swiler (UQ, Calibration)

Dan Turner (Business Manager)

Dena Vigil (Infrastructure, User Outreach)

Justin Winokur (Engineering Science Product Manager)

2013 Sandia National Laboratories Employee Recognition Award

"For demonstrated success in transforming Dakota to a production computational tool in support of Sandia's core mission areas and a growing external customer base."


Albuquerque, NM

(Left to Right) Mohamed Ebeida, Brian Adams, V. Greg Weirs, John Jakeman, Laura Swiler, Mike Eldred, George Orient, Dena Vigil, Keith Dalbey, Ken Hu, Jim Stewart, Bill Bohnhoff

Livermore, CA

(Left to Right) Patty Hough, Ethan Chan, Laura Bauman