Trilinos Teuchos (optional)

Dakota source distributions include a snapshot of the Trilinos Teuchos and ROL package in dakota/packages/external/trilinos, which suffices for most users.  Users wishing to compile Dakota using their own Teuchos (for example, those linking Dakota as a library with a Trilinos-dependent application), should note the following:

  • Dakota 6.2 and newer require Trilinos 12.0 or newer (Dakota ships with a sufficiently patched Trilinos 11.0.3).
  • Dakota 6.10 and newer require Trilinos dated May 2019 or newer, or otherwise disabling deprecated code in Teuchos due to removal of ostream operator<<.
  • Obtain, configure, build, and install Trilinos (, enabling the teuchos package.
  • When configuring Dakota, use appropriate CMake variables to direct Dakota to the Trilinos installation.