Version 3.1.1 (5/21/03)

Interim release enhancements

  • Overhaul of 2D graphics:
    • subtle bug fixed with passing double* from an STL vector.
    • horizontal/vertical wheel operations reworked.
    • "Print" and "Markers" buttons activated in "Options" window. Markers can now be deactivated, and individual EPS files can now be generated from each plot window.
    • box sizes, labels, button offsets, and colors adjusted to be more legible, and initial window sizing adjusted to properly capture the number of plots.
    • reduced memory usage and improved efficiency.
  • Completion of parallel scheduling for Pareto-set and Multi-start strategies:
    • fixed parallel bug in random start feature (LHS must be executed only on world rank 0 and its results must be communicated to all iterator masters).
    • scheduling routines are more modular and dynamic scheduling is now supported within dedicated-master partitions.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • added support for the GM device in MPI.
    • streamlined parallel configuration reporting.
    • fixed string output formatting problem under Linux.