What information should I include with my support request or bug report?

When contacting the dakota-users mailing list or other mechanism for help, please clearly specify (1) what you expected to happen, (2) what you tried, and (3) what resulted instead. In particular, be sure to include the following:

  • Brief problem description.
  • DAKOTA version: either major release version number (e.g., 5.4) or stable subversion revision number (e.g., 5.4+, r2012). Determine the version number based on which DAKOTA you downloaded, or if installed and running, by typing "dakota -version".
  • Operating system (Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.), including the distribution and/or version, and architecture (Intel, AMD, PowerPC, etc.). Indicate whether you're running in a 32- or 64-bit environment.
  • For problems running DAKOTA, include:
    • Relevant DAKOTA input deck, scripts (if possible), and commands executed.
    • Relevant output from code, for example, run dakota -i inputfile -o output.txt -e error.txt or perhaps more usefully, since both standard and error output will appear in the same file: "dakota >output.txt 2>&1" (if you are using sh or bash or zsh) or "dakota >& output.txt" (if you are using csh or tcsh).
  • For problems compiling DAKOTA include:
    • Your BuildDakotaTemplate.cmake file, along with any other files you modified.
    • The commands used to invoke cmake and make and their output to the screen. E.g. "cmake -C BuildDakotaTemplate.cmake $DAK_SRC > cmake_output.txt 2>&1"
    • Since make output can be voluminous, run make until the failure occurs, then type "make >make.out 2>&1" (or similar) to just capture the problem behavior.
    • The CMakeCache.txt file created by cmake (located in your build directory.)

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