When I try to execute a Dakota binary, I get an error message that there are missing libraries.

When building Dakota executables, a static linking of all libraries is not always possible (since, in some cases, only shared object libraries are made available by the platform vendor). If differences in the required shared object libraries exist between the build and run platforms, then the run time shared object linker will abort with an error. To resolve this, there are a few courses of action: (1) locate the missing shared object libraries on your system (using whereis or find) and then add this path to your linker path ($LD_LIBRARY_PATH on most *nix platforms; $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on OS X), (2) contact your platform vendor for the missing libraries, or (3) build Dakota from source on your run platform. It may also prove useful to list your shared object library dependencies using "ldd dakota".

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