Historical Dakota Authors

Individuals who have contributed directly to Dakota's core since its inception in 1993, including source, examples, and infrastructure. Other current developers are listed at About - Team. Format: author (organization when contributing, current affiliation): specific contribution.

Core and Algorithms

  • Bengt Abel (BMW): interface to NLPQL
  • Bruce Bainbridge (SNL): core developer, LHS interface
  • Myles Baker: linear polynomial surrogate model
  • Ross Bartlett (SNL, now ORNL): rSQP interface (not currently active)
  • Barron Bichon (SNL, now SWRI): local and global reliability
  • Michael Brayer (SNL): utilities, IDR input parser
  • Keith Dalbey (SNL): surrogate models
  • Brian Dennis (SNL): graphics, response surfaces
  • Brian Driessen (SNL): core developer, IDR input parser
  • Danny Dunlavy (SNL): core developer, constrained SBO formulations
  • Mohamed Ebeida (SNL): domain decomposition surrogates, UQ, and optimization
  • Dave Gay (SNL, currently AMPL Optimization, LLC and University of New Mexico): core developer
  • Roger Ghanem (SNL, Johns Hopkins University, now USC): PCE prototype
  • Tony Giunta (SNL): core developer, Surfpack, SBO, support infrastructure
  • Bill Hart (SNL): core developer, Acro, branch and bound interfaces
  • Chris Moen (SNL): core developer, OPT++ interface
  • Jason Monschke (SNL): active subspace algorithms
  • Ben Pax (SNL, now Purdue): verification algorithms
  • John Red-horse (SNL): PCE prototype
  • Mark Richards (SNL, now UIUC): updates to Surfpack interface
  • Ahmad Rushdi (UT Austin/UC Davis): domain decomposition surrogates, UQ, and optimization
  • Boyd Schimel (SNL): core developer, optimizer interfaces
  • Todd Simmermacher (SNL): core developer, parameter studies
  • Gary Tang (SNL, now Stanford): Sobol indices for PCE
  • Pam Williams (SNL, now elsewhere): OPT++ DDACE interfaces
  • Steve Wojtkiewicz (SNL, now University of Minnesota): core developer of original DAKOTA/UQ

Interfaces and Applications

  • Yann Collette (Hutchinson, France): Scilab Interfaces
  • Yann Chapalain (Hutchinson, France): Scilab Interfaces
  • Hongman Kim (Phoenix Integration, Inc.): ModelCenter API
  • Dave Outka (SNL): QTran examples
  • Lee Peterson (NASA JPL): improvements to Matlab interface
  • Vince Romero (SNL): application interfaces / examples, including QTran
  • Bart van Bloemen Waanders (SNL): application interfaces / examples
  • Walt Witkowski (SNL)

Building, Testing, and Porting

  • Mario Alleva (SNL, now elsewhere): core developer; test/support infrastructure
  • Shane Brown (SNL, now KAPL): core developer; test/support infrastructure
  • Joe Frye (SNL): software engineering and project management infrastructure
  • Karen Haskell (SNL): testing and deployment infrastructure
  • Bill Hoffman (Kitware): CMake build system for MSVC
  • Eric Phipps (SNL): CMake build system enhancements
  • Ronald Rhea (SNL): building and porting
  • Craig Shierling (SNL): utilities, build harness
  • Zack Galbreath (SNL, Kitware): CMake build system enhancements

Third-party Library Credits

Contributors to third-party libraries used by Dakota who also advised on their integration in Dakota. See Packages for a full list of Dakota TPLs.

  • Acro/Coliny: Bill Hart, John Siirola, Jean-Paul Watson (SNL); Jonathan Eckstein (Rutgers University)
  • APPSPACK/HOPSPACK:Tammy Kolda (SNL), Virginia Torczon (College of William and Mary), Todd Plantenga (SNL)
  • FSUDace: John Burkhardt (Virginia Tech.)
  • DDACE: Patty Hough (SNL), Monica Martinez-Canales (SNL, now Intel Corporation)
  • JEGA: John Eddy (SNL)
  • LHS: Laura Swiler, Greg Wyss (SNL)
  • MARS: Jim McEnerney (LLNL)
  • NCSUOpt (batch interface): Josh Griffin (SNL, now SAS Institute, Inc.)
  • OPT++: Patty Hough, Pam Williams (SNL)
  • Surfpack: Keith Dalbey (SNL), Shane Brown (SNL, now KAPL), Eric Cyr (SNL), Mike Eldred (SNL), Tony Giunta (SNL), Mark Richards (SNL, now UIUC)

Other Contributors

  • Lara Bauman: product manager, GUI advisor
  • Ken Hu (SNL): product manager, documentation
  • Jim Stewart (SNL): Business management
  • V. Greg Weirs (SNL): Application deployment and consulting