How can I contribute?

Our open source software benefits greatly from the contributions of its user community.

Ways that you can contribute include:

  1. Use the code and offer feedback. We welcome constructive suggestions.
  2. Port Dakota to another platform or operating system and share the configuration extensions.
  3. Add a capability such as a new iterative algorithm, surrogate model, or interface; this extension typically involves a class derivation along with the definition of a few virtual functions (refer to the Developer's Manual for information on class hierarchies and the structure provided by their base classes).
  4. Resolve a bug you've observed or has been discussed on the dakota-users mailing list

Submitting changes:

  • Dakota's issue tracking system is not publicly accessible at this time.
  • If you wish to submit a patch or larger changeset, please discuss on the dakota-users mailing list.
  • A Dakota development team member will ask you to submit the changes via email or (if large enough) our file transfer system.

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