Frequently Asked Questions - Feature Additions

Contributions to Dakota, including the Dakota GUI are subject to the terms of their respective licenses. Contributions which are derivative works of Dakota or the Dakota GUI will therefore be accepted under the same license terms as the product from which they are derived. Contributions which are not derivative works, such as additional Dakota examples, should be licensed as permissively as possible, preferrably BSD or similar.

Along with or following your contribution, please include:

  • Complete list of authors and affiliations at time of authorship.
  • Consent from each author indicating the following or similar:
    I contributed [NAME OF FEATURE], via patches submitted to the Dakota team. I agree to the following terms and conditions for my contributions: First, I agree my contributions are submitted under the terms of the LGPL [EPL for Dakota GUI] license. Second, I represent I am authorized to make the contributions and grant the license. If my employer has rights to intellectual property that includes my contributions, I represent that I have received permission to make contributions and grant the required license on behalf of my employer.

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Our open source software benefits greatly from the contributions of its user community.

Ways that you can contribute include:

  1. Use the code and offer feedback. We welcome constructive suggestions.
  2. Port Dakota to another platform or operating system and share the configuration extensions.
  3. Add a capability such as a new iterative algorithm, surrogate model, or interface; this extension typically involves a class derivation along with the definition of a few virtual functions (refer to the Developer's Manual for information on class hierarchies and the structure provided by their base classes).
  4. Resolve a bug you've observed or has been discussed on the dakota-users mailing list

Submitting changes:

  • Dakota's issue tracking system is not publicly accessible at this time.
  • If you wish to submit a patch or larger changeset, please discuss on the dakota-users mailing list.
  • A Dakota development team member will ask you to submit the changes via email or (if large enough) our file transfer system.

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