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Group to specify nonlinear equality constraints


This keyword is related to the topics:


Alias: num_nonlinear_equality_constraints

Argument(s): INTEGER

Default: 0

Child Keywords:

Required/Optional Description of Group Dakota Keyword Dakota Keyword Description
Optional targets Target values for the nonlinear equality constraint
Optional scale_types

How to scale each nonlinear constraint

Optional scales

Characteristic values to scale each nonlinear constraint


Specifies the number of nonlinear equality constraint functions returned by the interface.

The targets specification provides the targets for nonlinear equalities of the form

\[h(x) = h_t\]

and the defaults for the equality targets enforce a value of 0. for each constraint

\[h(x) = 0.0\]

The scale_types and scales keywords are related to scaling of $ h \left( x \right) $. See the scaling information under specific methods, e.g., method-*-scaling for details on how to use this keyword.