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NoScaler Class Reference

Leaves the data unscaled. More...

Inheritance diagram for NoScaler:

Public Member Functions

 NoScaler (const MatrixXd &features)
 Main constructor for NoScaler. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataScaler
void scale_samples (const MatrixXd &unscaled_samples, MatrixXd &scaled_samples)
 Apply scaling to a set of unscaled samples. More...
MatrixXd scale_samples (const MatrixXd &unscaled_samples)
 Apply scaling to a set of unscaled samples. More...
const VectorXdget_scaler_features_offsets () const
 Get the vector of offsets. More...
const VectorXdget_scaler_features_scale_factors () const
 Get the vector of scaling factors. More...
bool check_for_zero_scaler_factor (int index)
 Checks an individual scaler feature scale factor for being close to zero; If it is near zero, we can potentially run into a divide-by-zero error if not handled appropriately. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DataScaler
 Enumeration for supported types of DataScalers.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DataScaler
static SCALER_TYPE scaler_type (const std::string &scaler_name)
 Convert scaler name to enum type. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from DataScaler
bool hasScaling
 Bool for whether or not the the scaling coefficients have been computed.
RowVectorXd scaledSample
 Vector for a single scaled sample - (num_features); avoids resize memory allocs.
VectorXd scalerFeaturesOffsets
 Vector of offsets - (num_features)
VectorXd scalerFeaturesScaleFactors
 Vector of scaling factors - (num_features)

Detailed Description

Leaves the data unscaled.

This DataScaler has fixed coefficients that amount to an identity operation. It is useful when the data has already been scaled or scaling is desired.

scaler_offsets = 0.0

scale_factors = 1.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NoScaler ( const MatrixXd features)

Main constructor for NoScaler.

[in]featuresUnscaled data matrix - (num_samples by num_features)

References DataScaler::hasScaling, DataScaler::scaledSample, DataScaler::scalerFeaturesOffsets, and DataScaler::scalerFeaturesScaleFactors.

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