Dakota  Version 6.16
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*dakota_dll_api.cppThis file contains a DakotaRunner class, which launches DAKOTA
o*dakota_dll_api.hAPI for DLL interactions
o*dakota_linear_algebra.hppDakota linear algebra utilities
o*dakota_tabular_io.hppUtility functions for reading and writing tabular data files Emerging utilities for tabular file I/O. For now, just extraction of capability from separate contexts to faciliate rework. These augment (and leverage) those in data_util.h
o*dll_tester.cppTest the DLL with a DAKOTA input file
o*JEGAOptimizer.cppContains the implementation of the JEGAOptimizer class
o*JEGAOptimizer.hppContains the definition of the JEGAOptimizer class
o*library_mode.cppFile containing a mock simulator main for testing Dakota in library mode
o*library_split.cppFile containing a mock simulator main for testing DAKOTA in library mode on a split communicator
o*main.cppFile containing the main program for DAKOTA
o*restart_util.cppFile containing the DAKOTA restart utility main program