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Large-Scale Engineering Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis
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The <method independent controls> are those controls which are valid for a variety of methods. In some cases, these controls are abstractions which may have slightly different implementations from one method to the next. While each of these controls is not valid for every method, the controls are valid for enough methods that it was reasonable to consolidate the specifications.

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  • constraint_tolerance : The maximum allowable value of constraint violation still considered to be feasible
  • convergence_tolerance : Stopping criterion based on convergence of the objective function
  • final_solutions : Number of designs returned as the best solutions
  • id_method : Name the method block; helpful when there are multiple
  • max_function_evaluations : Stopping criteria based on number of function evaluations
  • max_iterations : Stopping criteria based on number of iterations
  • output : Control how much method information is written to the screen and output file
  • scaling : Turn on scaling for variables, responses, and constraints
  • speculative : Compute speculative gradients