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DataEnvironmentRep Class Reference

Body class for environment specification data. More...

Public Attributes

bool checkFlag
 flag for whether to run in check only mode (default false)
String outputFile
 file name for output redirection (overrides command-line)
String errorFile
 file name for error redirection (overrides command-line)
String readRestart
 file name for restart read (overrides command-line)
int stopRestart
 record at which to stop reading restart
String writeRestart
 file name for restart write (overrides command-line)
bool preRunFlag
 flags invocation with command line option -pre_run
bool runFlag
 flags invocation with command line option -run
bool postRunFlag
 flags invocation with command line option -post_run
String preRunInput
 filename for pre_run input
String preRunOutput
 filename for pre_run output
String runInput
 filename for run input
String runOutput
 filename for run output
String postRunInput
 filename for post_run input
String postRunOutput
 filename for post_run output
unsigned short preRunOutputFormat
 tabular format for pre_run output
unsigned short postRunInputFormat
 tabular format for post_run input
bool graphicsFlag
 flags use of graphics by the environment (from the graphics specification in EnvIndControl)
bool tabularDataFlag
 flags tabular data collection by the environment (from the tabular_graphics_data specification in EnvIndControl)
String tabularDataFile
 the filename used for tabular data collection by the environment (from the tabular_graphics_file specification in EnvIndControl)
unsigned short tabularFormat
 format for tabular data files (see enum)
int outputPrecision
 output precision for tabular and screen output
bool resultsOutputFlag
 flags use of results output to default file
String resultsOutputFile
 named file for results output
String topMethodPointer
 method identifier for the environment (from the top_method_pointer specification

Private Member Functions

 DataEnvironmentRep ()
 ~DataEnvironmentRep ()
void write (std::ostream &s) const
 write a DataEnvironmentRep object to an std::ostream
void read (MPIUnpackBuffer &s)
 read a DataEnvironmentRep object from a packed MPI buffer
void write (MPIPackBuffer &s) const
 write a DataEnvironmentRep object to a packed MPI buffer

Private Attributes

int referenceCount
 number of handle objects sharing this dataEnvironmentRep


class DataEnvironment
 the handle class can access attributes of the body class directly

Detailed Description

Body class for environment specification data.

The DataEnvironmentRep class is used to contain the data from the environment keyword specification. Default values are managed in the DataEnvironmentRep constructor. Data is public to avoid maintaining set/get functions, but is still encapsulated within ProblemDescDB since ProblemDescDB::environmentSpec is private.

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