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DataVariables Class Reference

Handle class for variables specification data. More...

Public Member Functions

 DataVariables ()
 DataVariables (const DataVariables &)
 copy constructor
 ~DataVariables ()
DataVariables operator= (const DataVariables &)
 assignment operator
bool operator== (const DataVariables &)
 equality operator
void write (std::ostream &s) const
 write a DataVariables object to an std::ostream
void read (MPIUnpackBuffer &s)
 read a DataVariables object from a packed MPI buffer
void write (MPIPackBuffer &s) const
 write a DataVariables object to a packed MPI buffer
DataVariablesRepdata_rep ()
 return dataVarsRep
size_t design ()
 return total number of design variables
size_t aleatory_uncertain ()
 return total number of aleatory uncertain variables
size_t epistemic_uncertain ()
 return total number of epistemic uncertain variables
size_t uncertain ()
 return total number of uncertain variables
size_t state ()
 return total number of state variables
size_t continuous_variables ()
 return total number of continuous variables
size_t discrete_variables ()
 return total number of discrete variables
size_t total_variables ()
 return total number of variables

Static Public Member Functions

static bool id_compare (const DataVariables &dv, const std::string &id)
 compares the idVariables attribute of DataVariables objects

Private Attributes

 pointer to the body (handle-body idiom)


class ProblemDescDB
class NIDRProblemDescDB

Detailed Description

Handle class for variables specification data.

The DataVariables class is used to provide a memory management handle for the data in DataVariablesRep. It is populated by IDRProblemDescDB::variables_kwhandler() and is queried by the ProblemDescDB::get_<datatype>() functions. A list of DataVariables objects is maintained in ProblemDescDB::dataVariablesList, one for each variables specification in an input file.

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