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OptDartsOptimizer Class Reference

Wrapper class for OptDarts Optimizer. More...

Inheritance diagram for OptDartsOptimizer:
Optimizer Minimizer Iterator

Public Member Functions

 OptDartsOptimizer (ProblemDescDB &problem_db, Model &model)
 OptDartsOptimizer (Model &model)
 alternate constructor for Iterator instantiations by name
 ~OptDartsOptimizer ()
void core_run ()
 Calls the OptDarts algorithm.

Private Member Functions

void load_parameters (Model &model)
 Convenience function for Parameter loading.
double opt_darts_f ()
 Function evaluation.
void opt_darts_execute (size_t num_dim, size_t budget, double *xmin, double *xmax, double TOL, size_t problem_index, double fw_MC, double fb_MC)
 Run the OPT-DARTS method.
void opt_darts_initiate (double *xmin, double *xmax)
 Initialize OPT-DARTS.
void opt_darts_reset_convex_hull ()
size_t opt_darts_pick_candidate (size_t ifunc)
 Choose the next trial iterate.
void retrieve_extended_neighbors (size_t icandidate)
void opt_darts_sample_from_candidate_neighborhood (size_t icandidate, size_t ifunc)
void DIRECT_sample_from_candidate_neighborhood (size_t icandidate)
void opt_darts_add_dart ()
void opt_darts_update_K_h_approximate_Voronoi (size_t isample)
void opt_darts_terminate ()
 Release memory and exit cleanly.
void opt_darts_plot_discs_2d (size_t icandidate)
 Convenience function for plotting iterates.
void opt_darts_plot_hull_2d (size_t icandidate, size_t ifunc)
 Convenience function for plotting convex hull.
void initiate_random_generator (unsigned long x)
double generate_a_random_number ()
void sample_uniformly_from_unit_sphere_surface (double *dart, size_t num_dim)
bool trim_line_using_Hyperplane (size_t num_dim, double *st, double *end, double *qH, double *nH)

Private Attributes

double * _xmin
double * _xmax
double * _dart
double * _st
double * _end
double * _tmp_point
double * _qH
double * _nH
double ** _x
double ** _xc
double ** _f
double ** _K
double * _h
double * _r
size_t ** _neighbors
size_t * _tmp_neighbors
size_t * _ext_neighbors
size_t _num_ext_neighbors
bool _use_opt_darts
bool _estimate_K
size_t _ib
size_t _num_samples
size_t _budget
size_t _num_dim
double _diag
size_t _problem_index
double _fb
double _fw
double _fval
size_t _corner_index
size_t _num_corners
size_t * _corners
double _epsilon
double _fb_MC
double _fw_MC
double ** _xm
double ** _xp
double * _alpha_Deceptive
double Q [1220]
int indx
double cc
double c
double zc
double zx
double zy
size_t qlen
bool use_DIRECT
int numTotalVars
int randomSeed
int maxBlackBoxEvals
int maxIterations

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Optimizer
static void not_available (const std::string &package_name)
 Static helper function: third-party opt packages which are not available.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Optimizer
 Optimizer ()
 default constructor
 Optimizer (ProblemDescDB &problem_db, Model &model)
 alternate constructor; accepts a model
 Optimizer (unsigned short method_name, Model &model)
 alternate constructor for "on the fly" instantiations
 Optimizer (unsigned short method_name, size_t num_cv, size_t num_div, size_t num_dsv, size_t num_drv, size_t num_lin_ineq, size_t num_lin_eq, size_t num_nln_ineq, size_t num_nln_eq)
 alternate constructor for "on the fly" instantiations
 ~Optimizer ()
void initialize_run ()
void post_run (std::ostream &s)
void finalize_run ()
 utility function to perform common operations following post_run(); deallocation and resetting of instance pointers More...
void print_results (std::ostream &s)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Iterator
static void gnewton_set_recast (const Variables &recast_vars, const ActiveSet &recast_set, ActiveSet &sub_model_set)
 conversion of request vector values for the Gauss-Newton Hessian approximation More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Optimizer
size_t numObjectiveFns
 number of objective functions (iterator view)
bool localObjectiveRecast
 flag indicating whether local recasting to a single objective is used
 pointer containing previous value of optimizerInstance
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Optimizer
static OptimizeroptimizerInstance
 pointer to Optimizer instance used in static member functions

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for OptDarts Optimizer.

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