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RestartWriter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RestartWriter ()
 optional default ctor allowing a non-outputting RestartWriter
 RestartWriter (const String &write_restart_filename)
 typical ctor taking a filename
const String & filename ()
 output filename for this writer
void append_prp (const ParamResponsePair &prp_in)
 add the passed pair to the restart file
void flush ()
 flush the restart stream so we have a complete restart record should Dakota abort

Private Member Functions

 RestartWriter (const RestartWriter &)
 copy constructor is disallowed due to file stream
const RestartWriteroperator= (const RestartWriter &)
 assignment is disallowed due to file stream

Private Attributes

String restartOutputFilename
 the name of the restart output file
std::ofstream restartOutputFS
 Binary stream to which restart data is written.
< boost::archive::binary_oarchive > 
 Binary output archive to which data is written (pointer since no default ctor for oarchive and may not be initialized);.

Detailed Description

Component for writing restart files. Creation and destruction of archive and associated stream are managed here.

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