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ResultsNames Class Reference

List of valid names for iterator results. More...

Public Member Functions

 ResultsNames ()
 Default constructor initializes all valid names.

Public Attributes

size_t namesVersion
std::string best_cv
std::string best_div
std::string best_dsv
std::string best_drv
std::string best_fns
std::string moments_std
std::string moments_central
std::string moments_std_num
std::string moments_central_num
std::string moments_std_exp
std::string moments_central_exp
std::string moment_cis
std::string extreme_values
std::string map_resp_prob
std::string map_resp_rel
std::string map_resp_genrel
std::string map_prob_resp
std::string map_rel_resp
std::string map_genrel_resp
std::string pdf_histograms
std::string correl_simple_all
std::string correl_simple_io
std::string correl_partial_io
std::string correl_simple_rank_all
std::string correl_simple_rank_io
std::string correl_partial_rank_io
std::string pce_coeffs
std::string pce_coeff_labels
std::string cv_labels
std::string div_labels
std::string dsv_labels
std::string drv_labels
std::string fn_labels

Detailed Description

List of valid names for iterator results.

All data in the ResultsNames class is public, basically just a struct

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