Dakota  Version 6.4
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dakota_linear_algebra.hpp File Reference

Dakota linear algebra utilities. More...


 The primary namespace for DAKOTA.

Constant Groups

 The primary namespace for DAKOTA.


void svd (RealMatrix &matrix, RealVector &singular_vals, RealMatrix &v_trans)
 Compute the SVD of an arbitrary matrix A = USV^T. More...
int qr (RealMatrix &A)
 Compute an in-place QR factorization A = QR. More...
int qr_rsolve (const RealMatrix &q_r, bool transpose, RealMatrix &rhs)
 Perform a multiple right-hand sides Rinv * rhs solve using the R from a qr factorization. More...

Detailed Description

Dakota linear algebra utilities.

Convenience functions to perform Teuchos::LAPACK operations on Dakota RealMatrix/RealVector