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Large-Scale Engineering Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis
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Write a tabular results file with variable and response history


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Alias: tabular_graphics_data

Argument(s): none

Default: no tabular data output

Required/Optional Description of Group Dakota Keyword Dakota Keyword Description
Optional tabular_data_file

File name for tabular data output

(Choose One)
tabular format (Group 1) annotated

Selects annotated tabular file format


Selects custom-annotated tabular file format


Selects freeform file format


Specifying the tabular_data flag writes to a data file the same variable and response function history data plotted when using the graphics flag. Within the generated data file, the variables and response functions appear as columns and each function evaluation provides a new table row. This capability is most useful for post-processing of Dakota results with third-party graphics tools such as MatLab, Excel, Tecplot, etc.

There is no dependence between the graphics flag and the tabular_data flag; they may be used independently or concurrently.

Dakota exports tabular data in one of three formats:

  • annotated (default)
  • custom_annotated
  • freeform

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