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Large-Scale Engineering Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis
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Selects custom-annotated tabular file format


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Alias: none

Argument(s): none

Default: annotated format

Required/Optional Description of Group Dakota Keyword Dakota Keyword Description
Optional header

Enable header row in custom-annotated tabular file

Optional eval_id

Enable evaluation ID column in custom-annotated tabular file

Optional interface_id

Enable interface ID column in custom-annotated tabular file


A custom-annotated tabular file is a whitespace-separated text file typically containing row data for variables, or variables followed by responses, though the format is used for other tabular exports/imports as well. Custom-annotated allows user options for whether header row, eval_id column, and interface_id column appear in the tabular file, thus bridging freeform and (fully) annotated.

Default Behavior

The annotated format is the default for tabular export/import. To control which header row and columns are in the input/output, specify custom_annotated, followed by options, in the relevant export/import context.

Usage Tips

  • Prior to October 2011, calibration and surrogate data files were in free-form format. They now default to annotated format, though freeform remains an option.
  • When importing tabular data, a warning will be generated if a specific number of data are expected, but extra is found and an error generated when there is insufficient data.
  • Some TPLs like SCOLIB and JEGA manage their own file I/O and only support the freeform option.


Export a custom-annotated tabular file in Dakota 6.0 format, which contained only header and eval_id (no interface_id), and data for variables and responses. Input file fragment:

    tabular_data_file = 'dakota_summary.dat'
    custom_annotated header eval_id

Resulting tabular file:

%eval_id             x1             x2         obj_fn nln_ineq_con_1 nln_ineq_con_2 
1                   0.9            1.1         0.0002           0.26           0.76 
2               0.90009            1.1 0.0001996404857   0.2601620081       0.759955 
3               0.89991            1.1 0.0002003604863   0.2598380081       0.760045