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Large-Scale Engineering Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis
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Identify which quasi-Hessian corresponds to which response


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Alias: none

Argument(s): INTEGERLIST

Required/Optional Description of Group Dakota Keyword Dakota Keyword Description
(Choose One)
Group 1 bfgs Use BFGS method to compute quasi-hessians
sr1 Use the Symmetric Rank 1 update method to compute quasi-Hessians


The id_analytic_hessians list specifies by number the functions which have analytic Hessians, and the id_numerical_hessians and id_quasi_hessians lists specify by number the functions which must use numerical Hessians and secant Hessian updates, respectively. Each function identifier, from 1 through the total number of functions, must appear once and only once within the union of the id_analytic_hessians, id_numerical_hessians, and id_quasi_hessians lists.

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