Nightly Stable Downloads

The downloads below include the latest changes to Dakota. They are refreshed on an approximately nightly basis.

Unless directed by a Dakota developer, we recommend most users download the latest versioned release. Stable releases receive lower scrutiny and contain undocumented changes.


Stable Date Platform Link MD5 Hash Type
2022-05-24 Mac OS X Binary Data dakota-stable_2022_05_24-public-darwin.Darwin.x86_64-cli.tar.gz 187c898f0a82298af735fdb249b13625 Binary Executable
2022-05-24 Windows Package icon 60a9402f32661939f118c8de26da1177 Binary Executable
2022-05-24 Linux (RHEL7) Binary Data dakota-stable_2022_05_24-public-rhel7.Linux.x86_64-cli.tar.gz b4e2c4e74d35d82bfceca016da3955b6 Binary Executable
2022-05-24 Source (Windows) Package icon 89e6f91981247584affab1d2dc0ad115 Source Code
2022-05-24 Source (Unix/OS X) Binary Data dakota-stable_2022_05_24-public-src-cli.tar.gz 9c26e1213f9d885a2500965b140e1521 Source Code