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Downloads of Dakota are available on our GitHub Releases page.

Supported Platforms

Downloads are provided for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The latest binaries were built on macOS 12, Windows 10, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 and 8. The Linux binaries usually will not work on other Linux distributions, necessitating building from source.

Building From Source

When compiling from source, Windows users should use a .zip Dakota source archive, while Mac, Linux, and other Unix-based OS users should use a Dakota .tar.gz source archive to avoid problems with source generation utilities and line ending conversion. Build-from-source instructions are provided in the User’s Manual.

CLI and GUI Packages

Packages for each supported OS that include the Dakota graphical UI are available. For convenience, command line interface (CLI)-only and GUI-only packages are also provided. The GUI-only packages are intended for users who have built the CLI version of Dakota from source and would also like to use the GUI, as we do not support building the GUI from source at this time.

Stable Releases

Although we recommend using the most recent versioned release, we also provide “hot off the press” stable releases.