Dakota JAGUAR (Legacy GUI)

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JAva GUi for Applied Research (JAGUAR) was developed as a graphical user interface (GUI) for earlier Dakota versions (circa 5.x, 6.x).

This download page is provided as a historical reference only. Current Dakota users should instead use the GUI available for download alongside (or packaged with) the Dakota version in use.

JAva GUi for Applied Research (JAGUAR) 2.1 provides a JAVA front end to DAKOTA, allowing for graphical problem set-up, execution, and viewing of results.  JAGUAR permits both text-based and mouse-click creation, editing, and execution of DAKOTA input decks.  Highlights:

  • Synchronized autocompleting text and hierarchical graphical editors with error checking
  • Cheatsheets to demonstrate the flow of creating an input deck from scratch
  • Templates for the most common DAKOTA studies
  • Sensitivity analysis wizard to quickly generate a screening study
  • Ability to launch DAKOTA to check input decks or perform complete studies
  • Help links to the DAKOTA reference manual for most keywords
  • Automatic updating to work with your installed version of DAKOTA (5.0 or newer)

Acknowledgments: Many people made JAGUAR 2.1 possible.  Ethan Chan was the lead architect and author. Contributors also include Brian Adams, Bill Bohnhoff, Sophia Lefantzi, and Marcus Gibson. Contributors to earlier versions include Robert Clay, Mike Eldred, Dave Gay, Ed Hoffman, Patty Hough, Joe Ruthruff, and Max Shneider.

License: JAGUAR 2.1 itself is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license. However, the following binary distributions include components of the Eclipse Workbench and therefore may be subject to the terms of the Eclipse Public License. See the LICENSE file in the distribution.