Current Dakota Project Team Members

The success of the Dakota project depends on contributions from many people who share many roles, including algorithms research, software development, documentation, business management, DevOps, user support, and more. The current roster of active Dakota team members is shown below. Past contributors are listed on the Contributors page with our gratitude.

Gianluca Geraci

Multifidelity UQ and Optimization

J. Adam Stephens

Mission Integration Lead

Brian M. Adams

Product Lead

Elliott M. Ridgway

GUI Development

Mike S. Eldred

Upstream Research Lead

Daniel Z. Turner

Business Manager

Russell Hooper


Daniel Thomas Seidl

Surrogate Models

Anh Tran

EGO and Bayesian optimization

Wesley Coomber


John Jakeman

Surrogates, Experimental Design

Teresa Portone

UQ, Bayesian Inference

Kathryn Maupin

UQ, Bayesian Inference